To reach the goals stated in the project, the following main activities will take place:

  • Competence assessment methodology for youth workers

Exploration of the concrete learning and training needs of youth workers’ that support NEETs, definition of competences for this specific role and assessment of them.

  • Career counselling and Mentoring training programme

Training modules and practical assignments will be developed in order to equip the youth workers with the necessary tools to address the individual challenges that NEETs and young unemployed are facing.

  • Youth workers workshops and mentoring

Capacity building programme for youth workers that will be delivered as a blended learning with face-to-face (F2F) workshops and followed by individual mentoring sessions.

  • NEETs activation gamified platform

The gamified platform aims at the NEETs activation and empowerment trough learning missions and e-games which will be used by the youth workers in their work with NEETs in order to increase their chances for educational and labour market integration.