November 2019, Issue 1

“COMPASS” or “Career cOnsulting and Mentoring skills caPAcity building for youth workerS working with NEETS”, is a European project co-funded by Erasmus+ that aims to train youth workers in providing effective career counselling and mentoring support to young unemployed and NEETs.

The project through its objectives and expected outputs will result in the development of competence-based training for youth workers that evolve and grow their skills for the effective support of NEETs, to make an important step towards building a pattern of professionalizing youth work.

The expected project results lie upon its intellectual outputs. To be more precise:

  • The Competence framework and assessment methodology for youth workers
  • The Youth workers training programme
  • The COMPASS Implementation programme
  • The NEETs activation gamified platform

With sole aim the realization of the project outcomes, the consortium conducted the kick-off meeting at the premises of CATRO Bulgaria that is the coordinating partner of the project at 25 and 26 November 2019. Delegates from

  • Oesterreichische Jungarbeiterbewegung (Austria),
  • Pistes Solidaires (France),
  • University of Thessaly (Greece),
  • Accion Laboral Plataforma para la Implatacion de Programmas de Inclusion Laboral en Colectivos Desfavorecidos (Spain) and
  • S.C. Predict CSD Consulting S.R.L. (Romania)

joined their expertise and actively contributed to the project first transnational meeting, setting solid foundations for the project invitation.

The partnership, fully committed to its assignments, has begun all prepatory actions for the comprehension of the COMPASS project, always serving its target groups in the most practical and effective manner.

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